New Course Materials

11 - 11:15 — Ravi Bapna — Case - "Going Wild on Facebook"
This case was written by me to address Minnesota Wild's (NHL team) challenge of deriving data-driven insights from activity on their Facebook fan-page. Its a challenge faced by most businesses. What type of content, created by whom and when maps to fan interactions and engagement? 3 months of actual data from Facebook Insights is provided

11:15 - 11:30 — Arun Sundararajan — Games - "Networks, Crowds and Markets"
Last Spring, the faculty at NYU Stern (Arun, Foster, Panos, Sinan and Yannis) started a new course about networks, crowds and markets. I have created a set of in-class games (involving hats and rope) that teach students about standards on a network, public goods, small-world effects and segregation. I'll describe the course and the games, discuss the pedagogical benefits of learning by doing, and perhaps illustrate the play of one of the games (if Vijay can provide the appropriate accessories:)

11:30 - 11:45 — Sonny Tambe — Games - "Design Your Own Video Game"
I will discuss how I used the Scratch platform developed by MIT's Media Lab to give NYU Stern's undergraduate business students the tools to design and build their own video games. This took only one class period and helped them (almost 100% non-programmers) understand the software and app economy.

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